Prenatal Care


Clarissa walked with me on my journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, with my very first baby, and I feel so blessed. During all the prenatal appointments she was very gentle, informative, and always respected me with everything she did, and asked before doing anything. She was positive and uplifting and made me excited for birth and less nervous. I chose to have a home birth, and Clarissa was beyond supportive, loving and gentle.

Katrina McHaddad

Pregnancy can be is a very special and scared time in a woman’s life. Some women may never experience pregnancy for themselves, and others maybe only once or twice in their whole lives. Its common practice for women to spend hundreds  of hours and thousands of dollars on their wedding. Having a baby is a monumental time, it should be celebrated the same, and it starts with choosing your health care provider.

With midwife maternity care you can expect prenatal appointments to include holistic health care counseling and education to prepare for to have the birth you want. 

As your prepare for labor and birth, your midwife will teach and educate you regarding different techniques to calm nerves to prepare for a natural birth, right in the comfort of your own home.

Photo courtesy: Marissa Mason


Clarissa and Kaleigh was such a blessing to me. After my first pregnancy ended in a c section I was nervous and excited to try for a VBAC. After going about a week after my due date Clarissa and my midwife team set forth with a plan of action to help me get my VBAC.

Samantha Larson

Included Services

  • Hour long visits
  • Holistic and natural healthcare
  • Pregnancy counseling
  • Educational resources
    • Pregnancy progression
    • Labor and birth prep
    • Postpartum support 
    • Newborn behaviors
    • Breastfeeding guidance
  • Prenatal labs
    • Blood type/factor, Antibody screen, CBC
    • HIV, Rubella, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, GC/CT
    • Urine culture
    • Blood sugar testing
    • GBS screening, etc.
  • Support groups & classes (As available)
  • Referral as indicated or desired
    • Such as a twin pregnancy
  • Co-care as indicated or desired
    • Such a thyroid management or gestational diabetes

Photo Courtesy: Mara and Filipe Southerland