Meet the Team

Clarissa Baxter BSM CPM LM

Clarissa is the owner of Nampa Midwifery. She and her husband Logan Baxter, live in Nampa Idaho with their four children. Logan is a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing in Meridian.

“I have always been fascinated with birth. From a young age all I ever wanted was to be a mother. After celebrating four children of my own I desired to celebrate other women as they became mothers too.”

Clarissa started her professional career as a certified nurse assistant, later becoming a certified doula. Now she is a Certified Professional Midwife of the North American Registry of Midwives licensed in Idaho and Oregon.

Clarissa received her education at Midwives College of Utah. She graduated top of her class, magna cum laude, with three times the clinical requirements necessary for midwifery school. Clarissa trained with over 15 of the best certified professional and nurse midwives in the Treasure Valley. 

“Midwifery is more than a career to me, its a calling. I come from a long line of midwife ancestors. I have six grandmother midwives in my family. Its a honor for me to continue the legacy of serving and supporting women and their families during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period.”

Kaleigh Perry BSM CPM LM

Kaleigh is a graduate of Mercy in Action College of Midwifery. She birthed both of her sweet children at a birth center.

Health and reproduction have always been a passion for Kaleigh. Her affection led her on a lifelong learning journey. First, her path took her from Alaska to Idaho where she got a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis on dairy cattle reproduction. From there, she switched to Human Pharmaceuticals and then into the primary care world as a Population Health analyst in the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model for a large health system. 

Still not quite finding her dream career, it took her own out of hospital birth to help her realize her love for the Midwifery Model of Care.  

“I heard a lot of horror stories from other women about their labors; birth plans being ignored, unnecessary interventions that led to unwanted C-sections, and the general acceptance that “this is just how birth is”. My births were different, and my friends should not have experienced the birth that they did. That is when I realized I wanted to become a midwife. I want to empower women to have pregnancies and labors that honor them and the process.”

Rebecca Holmstead

Rebecca and her husband Joseph are Idaho natives. Her interest in birth began with doula work after she married her husband whose mother had five home births. Shortly after doula work she began attending Midwives College of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery. 

“Our bodies have the beautiful gift and ability to grow, deliver, and nurture a baby. I strongly believe in the midwifery model of care which highlights a mutually trusting, safe, and respectful relationship between midwife and client. It is very rewarding connecting and getting to know each unique family.”

In between clinic and births, Rebecca loves to cook and cheer on her hubby in cycling races and Ironman triathlons.


Annsley-Rae Guillen

Annsley-Rae comes from the wild west of Reno, Nevada. At just 14 years old she knew she wanted to a part of the magic of birth after witnessing her  cousin be born. Later she was blessed to travel to Ghana, Africa where she served as a doula in the midwife community. While serving in Africa, Annsley-Rae fell in love with midwifery and set out to find a place to call home and grant all her midwife dreams. Nampa Midwifery and the beautiful state of Idaho have done just that. Currently she is attending Mercy in Action College of Midwifery.

“Birth is one of those things that amazes me more and more every time I am apart of it. I believe a woman knows her body best. The midwife can be a grounding and guiding light illuminating the pathway for a mom to roar her baby into this world. It is an honor to be a part of sacred life changing moments for each and every family that walks through these doors.”

In the midst of all things birth, Annsley-Rae loves to cook, do yoga and take in Idaho’s beautiful landscape.

Why Home Birth?

“You might choose a planned home birth for many reasons, including: A desire to give birth without medical intervention, such as pain medication, labor augmentation, labor induction or fetal heart rate monitoring. A desire to give birth in a comfortable, familiar place surrounded by family.” (Mayo Clinic, May 2020)

Home birth offers a more personalized experience for families. Families often create a relationship with their midwife that lasts years. Labor and birth are a sacred and special experience and your midwife will be there to support you. With home birth families have the freedom to control the environment (no limiting food or water intake!). Home birth is quickly becoming a choice more and more families are choosing. 


I received all the important information I needed and never felt rushed in any appointments so I could always ask all the questions I had. The women at the midwife center were so supportive and always made me feel so strong and capable. -Emily C. 


They were flexible and respectful from the beginning about what I wanted and helped me create the pregnancy and delivery I desired! I appreciate all of the midwives, and the assistants that were a part of my experience! -Jenna J.

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