Global Home Birth Maternity Care

Nampa Midwifery has a flat fee or a global fee meaning all your pregnancy, labor/birth, postpartum, and infant care are included in the one price. This means there are no hidden fees for additional providers or appointments. 

Midwifery care is a fraction of the cost of hospital births. In addition, hospitals and facilities may charge a separate fee for the newborn. Many families appreciate midwife services because of the economic benefits.

To ensure client safety and midwife sustainability, there is a limit to the number of clients Nampa Midwifery chooses to care for.

To reserve your place with Nampa Midwifery, call for a free consult. Following the consult if you choose to sign up for care, a non-refundable deposit is required at your initial prenatal appointment.

All fees are due on or before 36 weeks of pregnancy, regardless of payment method. No discounts are given to clients who transfer late into care. Any balance remaining at 36 weeks, including any denied claims, is the client’s responsibility to pay in full.

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit card
  • Credit card 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for home birth?

For current fees please call for a free consultation with the midwife. Fees for maternity care and home birth are much less than hospital fees, and we do our best to keep costs low to keep out-of-hospital midwifery care affordable.

Nampa Midwifery never wants to turn a client away due to inability to pay. We suggest exploring options for supplementation such as;

  • Using tax return
  • Asking for funds in lieu of gifts at baby shower
  • Budgeting & saving
  • Utilizing a credit card, etc.
  • Paying with FSA/HSA accounts
Are home birth and hospital midwives the same?

Yes, and no.

  • Certified Professional Midwives care for women in an out-of-hospital setting, home or birth center.
  • Certified Nurse Midwives care for women in the hospital.

Both midwives receive complete and comprehensive training to ensure a safe pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum experience. Often times professional midwives and nurse midwives refer and work together to care for families.

Do you do water birth? Do you have a birth tub?

Yes! A birth tub is available for any client who would like. Tubs borrowed for home birth are included in the home birth center fee, and tubs at the birth center are include in the global fee. If you would like to labor or birth in a tub, just let us know! We have several tubs to loan out for your home birth. 

What is the procedure when labor starts?

Whenever you feel you are in labor, it is a good idea to get ready. This includes going to your designed place of birth and calling your midwife. If you go into labor in a place you do not plan to give birth, generally you will have adequate time to go home and get ready. Labor starts gradually and then processes. If you have a history of fast births we recommend staying close to home as you approach your due window. In the event you do not make it to you designed destination, don’t worry; babies have been born in a number or abnormal conditions with nothing going wrong. Plus since you have hired a traveling midwife it really makes no difference to her where you birth!

What happens if I go into labor before 37 weeks?

The midwives at Nampa Midwifery provide complete care and work to ensure a term pregnancy. Per Idaho law, to have an out of hospital birth you need to be at least 37 weeks pregnant and no more than 42 weeks.

If you are at risk for going early, the midwife will discuss recommendations and supplements to help. 

More than 90% of first time moms go past their due date, with the average being 9 days over. If you are getting close to 42 weeks your midwife will discuss safe options to help encourage labor in a out of hospital setting. 

How many midwives will be attending my birth?

At Nampa Midwifery there will always be a licensed midwife and 1-2 assistants at your birth. 

Can you care for my baby? When do I need to see a pediatrician?

At birth, your midwife will preform a newborn exam and all immediate postpartum care for baby including vitamin K  and eye ointment (if desired) and screening procedures. The midwife will also file the birth certificate and apply for a social security number for your baby.

Midwives are licensed to provide pediatric care for six weeks after birth. There is no additional cost for this. Usually families will see a pediatrician at 8 weeks. 

What is happens if there is an emergency?

Midwives are fully trained to handle birth emergencies. We carry all the same equipment and drugs as the hospital needed for emergencies.

Midwives are CPR and NRP (infant CPR) certified. We carry:

  • CPR and NRP supplies
  • Oxygen tank and mask
  • IV supplies and fluids
  • Medications for infection prevention (GBS)
  • Medications and drugs for bleeding 
  • Supplies and  numbing agents for stitches 
  • Lab supplies

When someone requires higher level care the midwife will accompany her client to the hospital where a doctor will provide treatment.

Can I decline Vitamin K and the Eye Ointment for my newborn?

Absolutely, you are never required to do anything you do not want to. 

If you would like to decline either of these we only ask that you sign an informed consent stating you are making an informed decision and choosing to decline the procedures- it’s that simple!

What if I go past my due date?

In the Idaho if you go past 42 weeks you are no longer eligible to have your baby out of the hospital and the midwife can no longer provide care for you. At the 41 week mark your midwife will begin to discuss out-of-hospital labor induction methods to prevent you from being transferred out of care.

What happens if two people are in labor at the same time?

To ensure client safety and midwife sustainability, the number of clients in care is limited. Nampa Midwifery only accepts a few due dates per month to ensure sustainability and lower chances of two people in labor at the same time. If such an occasion occurs, a backup midwife will be called to help attend the laboring person until the other midwife can make it to that birth. 

If I am GBS positive, can I still have a home birth?

If you are GBS positive you can still have a home birth! Your midwife will discuss with you options for treatment or options if you wish to decline treatment. 

Do you offer ultrasounds?

Yes! We offer in-house ultrasounds  done  by a certified ultrasonographer and sent to a radiologist for interpretation. If you would like to use your insurance, we can send a referral to an ultrasonographer (outside of the hospital) who can perform your ultrasound for you.